Richard Levy Gallery

Main Gallery:
• Bruce Davis & Mary Tsiongas

Project Room:
What The Color Blue Sounds Like •
Mick Burson

May 30 – July 14, 2017
Gallery Reception: Saturday, May 27, 6 –8 pm



Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present Repurpose/Revision/Reconstruction, a selection of
works by Albuquerque sculptor/architect Bruce Warren Davis and multi-disciplinary artist and
professor at the University of New Mexico Mary Tsiongas. Davis constructs three-dimensional
artifacts that explore space and material. Tsiongas projects landscape paintings onto found
architectural models to create mesmerizing photographs.

As an architect, Davis has completed hundreds of projects throughout the Southwest and has
recently turned his attention to sculpture. Davis focuses on objects like frames and boxes that
normally serve to contain. He creates wooden assemblages and loosely painted colorful frames
from raw and reclaimed construction materials. Born and educated in Illinois, Davis moved to
New Mexico in 1972 and has maintained a private architecture practice since 1975. He has
exhibited artwork in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

  In her recent work entitled Aporia, Mary Tsiongas creates dimly lit sets by using small
architectural models and old slides of landscape paintings. The projections are then
photographed and printed digitally. Aporia comes from the Greek work Απορια meaning an
impasse, a puzzlement, a contradiction. Born in Greece and now based in Albuquerque, Mary
Tsiongas has performed, exhibited, and lectured extensively for the past twenty years. Her work
has been shown in over fifty solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. She is
currently a Professor of Experimental Art and Technology in the Department of Art at the
University of New Mexico.

In the Project Room the gallery presents What The Color Blue Sounds Like, a sculptural
installation made from wood, metal, and paint by Mick Burson. He is also showing lithographs
printed at the Tamarind Institute. The gallery commissioned Burson to paint a mural on the
outside back wall of the building which will be unveiled at this event. Originally from Waco, TX,
Burson is currently in the master’s degree program in studio art at the University of New

Images for these exhibitions can be found on our website High resolution images are available on request.

Dates: May 30 – July 14, 2017
Gallery Reception: Saturday, May 27, 6 – 8 pm
Gallery Hours: Tuesday -Saturday, 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: 514 Central Avenue SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102
Contact: 505.766.9888, info@levygallery.comm