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I load my pack with water, treats for me and the dog, toilet paper, a bag for trash, sometimes a mat to sit on and the iPad, check the sky and try to guess what might be coming, head out into the meadow, sometimes up hill into the forest, but mostly it is the flowers, grasses, stream and vistas that entice me. I am looking for THE SPOT, the spot where I want to sit and draw. In a way this search is pointless because any spot will work, really, once I'm settled, quiet and start LOOKING, but still, it seems crucially important. The decision is made just by being made. Ilook around and wait to see what will trigger the beginning of the drawing. I've never stopped and restarted.

It is a time of intense focus; going between what I am looking at and the drawing, back and forth, back and forth. There is so much detail; I try to distil the scene into something that will cohere, communicate what is really there and yet be transformed into an entity whole and new, communicating the beauty and complexity and yet be simplified yet compelling. The illusion flows from the luminous scene through my eyes, into my brain, out through my fingertip, stroking, tapping, scribbling; a dance between an illusive, shifting "reality" and a constructed artifact.

I usually don't stop or rest; there is pressure from the sky: the changing light, the chance ofrain… And so my day is spent sitting under a bush, in as close to wilderness as I've ever known, with my Star Trek machine from the future, making drawings of the wilderness, in the wilderness.

Anne Farrell
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